It is reported that Network Rail is to stop charging an admission fee for entry to lavatories on main railway stations.

If you are travelling by rail,
And have maybe been drinking ale,
And if the trains are running late,
You might just want to urinate.

Until so very recently,
You had to pay to have a pee,
There was a charge – now let me see –
It could be up to fifty p.

This multiplier sounds a lot,
And might make you exclaim ‘Great Scot!’
But really it is not so dear,
Compared to one more pint of beer,
Which if bought and imbibed unchecked,
Might have the opposite effect.

And so, ‘To pee or not to pee?’
This question really is the key.
You could hold off and ask The Bard,
But cannot pay by credit card!

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Image – pixabay

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