It is reported that a passenger in a BA lounge at Heathrow was told off for using two teabags to make a cup of tea.

“Excuse me, Sir, did you just take,
A teabag for your tea to make?
I saw you pick another up,
And also drop it in the cup.

We have a rule I am afraid,
Which sets out how tea should be made,
And as I’m telling you in rhyme,
It’s only one bag at a time.

The problem is twixt you and me,
We can’t supply tea duty-free,
We really would like to do that,
But someone has to pay the VAT.

We’ll count this time as a mistake,
So carry on your tea to make,
Then when it’s gone you can up stumps,
But don’t dare take two sugar lumps!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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