It is reported that some Italian winemakers have been adding cheap grape juice to the proper named variety in some fine wines.

Those people who their onions know,
Quite often to great lengths will go,
To get the best in vintage wine,
And some will do it all the time.

In Italy, so too elsewhere,
Some grapes grown in the alpine air,
Are single types for special wine,
And much of this is rather fine.

But other grapes are grown as well,
They’re not so good as one can tell,
And once collected from the vines,
They should be used for cheaper wines.

We buy these cheap wines every day,
Because we have far less to pay,
And we can choose the type ourselves,
Straight from the supermarket shelves.

But some bad people we now hear,
Think making fine wine is too dear,
So they go out and mix and blend,
Their purpose being to extend,
The better grapes which cost a lot,
With cheaper stuff that they have got.

They might do this at dead of night,
And if they get it roughly right,
They can make money pretty well,
’Cos most of us can’t really tell.

So when you want fine wine take care,
And don’t just buy it anywhere;
In some shops you can get advice,
About the quality and price,
And that will stand you in good stead,
When buying fine wine, white or red.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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