It is reported that the Spanish Government is considering changing from Central European Time (CET) to Greenwich mean Time (GMT). It adopted CET in 1940 in a show of support for Hitler’s Germany which is in the CET time zone but GMT is better suited to sunrise and sunset times in the Iberian peninsula.

If you have holidayed in Spain,
Most likely ’cos it doesn’t rain,
You may have seen in prose or rhyme,
That they use clocks to tell the time.

These clocks are set to CET,
Selected years ago to be,
The same as Deutschland in the War,
And it’s said it was chosen for,
Showing some solidarity,
With Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

But really this made little sense,
In present, past or future tense,
For to the sun we can’t dictate,
And when in Spain it gets up late.

The Portuguese who were quite wise,
Said, “This should come as no surprise.
You know the earth does still rotate,
And that is why it gets up late.

So all our clocks are set to be,
Displaying time in GMT,
And since so many British come,
Our choice of time is not so dumb.”

The Spanish said, “We see your point,
And since our countries are conjoint,
And British tourists come here too,
We might just do the same as you.

So we will change our time zone now,
Hope to avoid an EU row,
But if the EU’s not too chuffed,
Then they can all go and get stuffed.”

That is the end of this short rhyme,
I’ve little more to say on time,
But I’m not sure verse number two,
Is really ringing very true.

For German time, you’ll understand,
Is much the same as Switzerland,
And back round eighty years ago,
As most of you will surely know,
Then Switzerland, the land of rocks,
Made pretty much the whole world’s clocks.

So Spanish imports of these things,
Complete with ticks and tocks and rings,
Already set to CET,
Would not need to adjusted be.

This saved the Spanish lots of time,
Which could be spent in drinking wine,
Or with approval of the state,
They could all simply get up late!

Image – pixabay

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