It is reported that Lego is to increase the price of its bricks following the Brexit referendum result.

The Brexit story as you know,
Has still got quite some way to go,
And while reporters have a feast,
It’s tedious to say the least,
As leaders say they know what’s best,
But keep their cards close to their chest.

Important things like banks and cars,
What sort of ale is sold in bars,
Will we still import cheese and wine?
And what of liquor clandestine?

The answers to these things and more,
Will have to be agreed before,
The meetings finish face-to-face,
And final Brexit can take place.

But more important than all these –
Believe me for I do not tease –
Is now the price of little bricks,
Which children can together fix.

For Lego announced yesterday,
That prices that the shops must pay,
(The wholesale price is what it meant,)
Is going up by five per cent.

The EU was then quick to state,
That this would be Great Britain’s fate,
Not quite as bad as outright war,
And it had warned of this before.

But we will take it in our stride,
Will build our walls not quite so wide,
And if there are no Lego bricks,
Well, we know how to build with sticks!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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