It is reported that the final of Strictly Come Dancing has taken place, Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton have won and head judge Len Goodman is retiring amid suggestions that he should receive a knighthood.

For weeks and months Strictly has been,
The darling of the TV screen,
But now the final’s been and gone,
With every score at least a one.

The scores last night were pretty high,
Numbers for which Ed Balls would die,
With lots of tens, the odd low nine,
For dances which did not quite chime.

They had to dance three times last night,
Three chances then to get steps right,
But also more chance they might fall,
And give away the glitterball.

But in the end one called Oré,
Came right out on top yesterday,
And it was truly magic for,
The man had never danced before.

So that’s it for another year,
But for Len Goodman, not yet Sir,
It is the last time he will be,
There judging with the other three.

For he has strictly now retired,
And people say he has inspired,
Along with others on the show,
More people to get up and go,
Wear fancy clothes and learn to dance,
And so their general health enhance.

That’s not to say all will succeed,
For some will have left feet indeed,
And if you can’t avoid the falls,
Then be inspired by Edward Balls,
Who showed us weekly as a rule,
The best known way to act the fool!

Image – Daily Express

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