It is reported that Henry Heimlich, inventor of the Heimlich manoeuvre has died aged ninety-six.

So Dr Heimlich has just died,
His name was recognised world-wide,
As the inventor of the trick,
That you would think should make you sick,
But no! It does a lot of good,
Just as the doctor said it would.

The technique is to stand behind,
The patient if she doesn’t mind,
Then join your hands around her chest –
In fact a bit below is best.

This first bit done, the next to do,
Is pull your hands up towards you;
You do this fast and if done well,
It will an object then expel,
From patient’s airway where it’s stuck,
A consequence of some bad luck.

When it’s gone she should feel relieved,
Because her friends won’t be bereaved;
If she’d not had another breath,
It would have been quite certain death.

So let your watchword be, ‘Watch out!’
When you are eating nut or sprout;
Although the flavours are quite ace,
They can get stuck in the wrong place,
And if there’s no-one to apply,
The Heimlich technique you might die.
So on that rather happy note,
Please read again what I have wrote.

But back to Henry, wish him well,
He’s bound for heaven, not for hell,
And we all hope since he’s delayed,
Some countless deaths he hasn’t made,
His maker cross since His footfall,
Was less than He’d planned overall.

At least He will know who he is,
Because his death rates were a swizz,
So he will know his name, it’s true,
And won’t greet him with, “Doctor Who?”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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