It is reported that Muirfield Golf Club has voted to retain its ban on admitting female members and Edinburgh’s women have retaliated by banning club members from sitting on the benches in one of the city’s parks.

“We heard about your vote last week,
And think it is a real cheek,
To not admit we ladies to,
The club so we can play with you.

We know the game of golf is old,
But still you really should be told,
That now today you should dismiss,
Old mediaeval rules like this.

And if you will not change your mind,
We will retaliate in kind,
By barring you from sitting down,
On any park bench in the town.

With no rest for your weary feet,
In wind and rain or snow and sleet,
So very soon we will have won,
’Cos Primark bags can weigh a ton.

That Donald Trump has got some sense,
Although his words suggest he’s dense,
For women on his links can play,
As long as they or husbands pay.

So do consider now your fate,
And what it is you really hate;
It’s better not to fall prostrate,
And Primark’s always open late!”

Image – Pixabay

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