It is reported that the Queen has delayed starting her annual Christmas holiday at Sandringham owing to Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh both having bad colds.

Her majesty has got a cold,
A consequence of growing old,
She normally enjoys good health,
As the head of the Commonwealth.

But with a runny nose today,
She thought perhaps she’d better stay,
In London where the house is warm,
And also there’s a forecast storm.

It had been planned she’d go today,
To start her Christmas holiday,
At Sandringham in Norfolk where,
She has a country cottage there.

Now ‘cottage’ might suggest it’s small,
Whereas, in fact, it’s wide and tall,
And best described now as a house,
Where she will stay, so too her spouse.

So this year she will get there late,
Not common for the Head of State,
We all hope she’s not in distress,
And takes some time to convalesce.

For once festivities are o’er,
She will be back at work once more,
Not cleaning shoes or mending socks,
But dealing with her bright red box.

She has to do it every day,
The work just will not go away,
So we hope she’ll soon be OK,
And have a Happy Christmas Day.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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