It is reported that Donald Trump has announced on Twitter the start of a new nuclear arms race.

Some think that Donald Trump’s a pain,
But he is in the news again,
Announcing, you know, like you do,
In words that really are too few,
Exactly what is his intent,
When he becomes the President.

This time it’s not about a wall,
Which even if it were to fall,
Towards the ground but not on you,
Would not a lot of damage do.

No, this time it involves his friend,
Who has just promised to defend,
His country which has lots of space,
Embarking on a new arms race.

So friendly banter then ensued,
With neither being really rude,
But Putin claiming with a grin,
That in a conflict he would win.

Then Donald on his Twitter feed,
Said with himself he had agreed,
The US weapons to upgrade,
Including new ones to be made.

It’s not quite clear just what he means,
Or if all is quite as it seems,
And though it might change this world’s fate,
So far he won’t elaborate.

So we must read between the lines,
To see what really he opines,
And when we do it can be told,
He might upgrade to level gold.

He thinks it’s like a hotel plan,
A thing of which he is a fan,
You get a gold card with your name,
But basically it’s much the same.

So upgrades might just be skin deep,
Something he can do on the cheap,
Like painting the red button gold,
Which would be lovely to behold.

So we might have nuclear war,
Something he could use Twitter for,
So keep your password in your head –
It might just tell us when we’re dead!

Image – pixabay

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