It is reported that a leap second is to be added at the end of 2016 and Google has decided that this should be done by slowing the clock for ten hours before and after the end of the year to help computers cope with the change.

Google, you know, seems very wise,
Has fingers in all sorts of pies,
From knowledge search to cars and phones,
And other things like flying drones.

So when a problem came to light,
It thought that it should put it right,
And come up with an answer which,
Might cure a rather nasty glitch.

The glitch I mean arises for,
The earth spins slower than before,
So every now and then it seems,
While normal folk are having dreams,
They add an extra second to,
The time that’s used by me and you.

But some computers cannot cope –
No doubt ones programmed by a dope –
And if one should a second add,
Computers – some of them – go mad.

The answer is to slow the time,
As you are reading in this rhyme,
For twenty hours or thereabout,
And just before the pubs throw out.

For this is when folk are most drunk,
And will not notice time has shrunk,
Then riots might be few and far,
At any Scots or other bar.

Why this should work I’ve not a clue,
And neither, probably, have you,
But if to find out you are keen,
Type Google on your PC screen!

Image – flickr

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