It is reported that the Prime Minister, Theresa May, spent part of Christmas day helping to provide hot meals for old and lonely people in her Maidenhead constituency, something she has done every Christmas Day for twenty years.

Three cheers all round for Mrs May,
Who gave part of her Christmas Day
To feed old folk in Maidenhead,
While others fed themselves instead.

Our politicians often do,
Things they are not all that used to,
As they compete for every vote,
Including from the ones that float.

What others do we do not know,
But I suspect not many go,
And give time in this sort of way,
Especially on Christmas Day.

So if some think the same will do,
And climb on the bandwagon too,
They might just be in for a shock,
And make themselves a laughing stock.

For the PM, that’s Mrs May,
Did not just do this yesterday,
But for two decades thereabouts,
She’s been there dishing Brussels sprouts!

Image – Mount Pleasant Granary

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