It is reported that the mayor of Beaucaire in southern France wants to name a street in the town ‘Brexit Street’ (or ‘rue Brexit’, to be precise) as a tribute the British.

In southern France you’ll find Beaucaire,
Where Monsieur Sanchez is the mayor,
He says he’d like a Brexit rue,
So that is what he plans to do.

He says it is a tribute to,
The British folks and others who,
Have had enough of EU rules,
And being taken just for fools.

The British say, “Thanks very much.
Your kind gesture our hearts doth touch,
And when we are well on our way,
Perhaps you will join us some day.”

But Government is not impressed,
It thinks that this might cause unrest,
And in French history books they find,
Unrest in France of any kind,
Can quickly get right out of hand,
Because the people of the land,
Might well rebel ’gainst the elite,
If they have not much cake to eat.

So now the Government’s alarmed,
That baking skills might now be harmed,
If Brexit does as Brexit means,
And Bake Off leaves their TV screens.

So maybe with no cake to eat,
Last thing they want’s a Brexit Street,
They see it as a major threat,
Welcome as un trou dans la tête!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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