It is reported that the Government is giving advice to old people that they should stay indoors and keep warm on cold nights.

Old people who on earth do dwell,
Pin back your ears and listen well,
I have for you some sound advice,
Which I will say just once, not twice.

The mercury is set to fall,
Tonight, that is, but that’s not all,
For there is, too, another blow,
’Cos it’s forecast to sleet or snow.

Result of this you might feel cold,
The more so if you’re very old,
So our advice is wrap up warm,
And wear more clothes than is the norm.

And more than this, don’t go outside,
Stay indoors for your time to bide,
And maybe have a few hot drinks,
Or p’rhaps a game of tiddledywinks.

For exercise is really good,
Strengthens the fingers as it should,
Then if outside you later trip,
You might not go arse over tip!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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