It is reported that people who text as they walk along in towns and cities are causing havoc with the pedestrian traffic flow.

A texting person you might think,
Unless he is the worse for drink,
As he sets off to work each day,
Might put his mobile phone away.

But no! That’s not what people do,
Except, maybe, for just a few,
So with most folk their phone is glued,
To their hand which can be quite rude.

They ignore people on the train,
English, Welsh, Scottish or from Spain,
And when it comes time to alight,
We all get such a dreadful fright,
As they get up at minute last,
And like a whirlwind hurtle past.

But this is nought compared to when,
While showing little acumen,
They walk along all staring down,
At roads and pavements in the town.

They can trip up, get hit by cars,
Block up the entrances to bars,
And worse, if they walk really slow,
They can upset the traffic flow,
On pavements all around the town,
And escalators, up and down.

So how to deal with folk like this,
Whose navigation is remiss?

One could, for starters, be polite,
And try to help them see the light,
But if this kind approach should fail,
It would be quite beyond the pale,
And then they really should be told,
That London’s streets aren’t paved with gold!

Image – Pixabay

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