It is reported that the Government is proposing to allow learner drivers onto motorways.

“Good morning once more Mr Bean,
I think this is lesson sixteen,
And we have got a thrill today –
We’re going on the motorway!

The traffic there goes pretty fast,
So you might find it zooming past,
But please don’t try to overtake –
It’s safer if you use the brake.

But still you shouldn’t go too slow,
’Cos this affects the traffic flow,
And people who get stuck behind,
Might find their car with yours entwined.

You ought to know if two cars clash,
It’s commonly known as a crash,
And though you enter it alive,
You might be lucky to survive.

But don’t at this point get upset,
You’ve still a lot to learn as yet,
It’s not too hard, I have to say,
As long as you get through today

But M-ways are our safest roads,
For cars and lorries with their loads,
So other roads are likely worse,
For driving forwards or reverse.

But this we do not recommend,
Since it, for you, could spell the end,
It’s better to be safe than dead,
So drive the right way round instead!”

Image – Geograph

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