It is reported that the French Government has proposed a law to prevent workers endlessly using their smart phones when not at work.

“Monsieur, Monsieur, your phone is smart,
But do consider, too, your heart,
If your phone’s permanently on,
Your life may all too soon be gone.

Nous sommes en France, the country where,
It was invented laissez faire,
Relaxing after work – that’s hell –
And sometimes while we’re there as well.

So we should take the easy life,
It’s good for you, your kids and wife,
And so that all can rest with ease,
We’ve endless types of wine and cheese.

We’ve sunshine too, that’s why folk come,
It’s not on every day but some,
But better still by far than most,
Of those up off our northern coast.

So all in all life here is good,
You can enjoy it as you should,
But to enjoy it every day,
Do throw your bloody phone away!”

Image – Pixabay

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