It is reported that Sussex University Students’ Union has banned the use of the words ‘He’ and ‘She’ unless the person in question has given permission as to how they wish to be addressed, so as not to jump to any conclusions on whether they might wish to be designated male or female. Or, presumably, neuter.

“My Dear Madam, maybe Sir,
I don’t know which you might prefer,
And though your shape might be a clue,
Mistakes are easy now to do.

In former times if one were wise,
One could discern by means of eyes,
The gender that a person was,
And it was accurate because,
Most people living way back then,
Had had their gender picked for them.

But God, it seems, has been displaced,
From this job for the human race,
And any Harriet, Tom or Dick,
Can be a gender they can pick.

If all of this leaves you bemused,
Well, I am just downright confused,
And care is needed I would say,
’Cos if you meet someone today,
You might not quite know what’s in store,
And get more that you bargained for.

But back now to the case in point,
We don’t want noses out of joint,
So as we start this interview,
Perhaps I might prevail on you,
For viewers all to clarify,
If you want to be girl or guy.

But I should warn you they’re not fools,
They do have some grasp of the rules,
And they will know what it should be,
For Miss World Three Six Double D!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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