It is reported that a bed has been invented which prevents snoring by adjusting the sleeper’s position when any snoring is detected.

A bed has been invented which,
Does nothing to prevent an itch,
But where this new bed really scores,
Is when it hears your husband’s snores.

No doubt by now I have upset,
Some people who aren’t married yet,
And would prefer it if I said,
‘Your partner snores’ herein instead.

But I’m old fashioned though I try,
Not to annoy my readers by,
Discussing what they do in bed,
Apart from snoring aforesaid.

So back to what I want to write,
About the snoring in the night,
Which is that when the bed detects,
The start of snoring it deflects,
And raises up the pillow so,
The snoring noise is wont to go.

But if this gentle tilting fails,
The second option then entails,
A rattling which is more severe,
The better to the airways clear.

And finally, should it get worse,
And make your partner swear and curse,
There is a special lever for,
Tipping the snorer on the floor.

So that is it, three levels of,
Severity in this, my blog,
To deal with snorers, mostly male,
Including those half-cut on ale.

Image – Flickr

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