It is reported that a bookseller in Hawes, North Yorkshire is charging customers fifty pence just to enter his shop and then being rude to any who refuse to pay.

Excuse me, Sunshine, you must pay,
To come inside my shop today,
For far too many people just,
Browse which means that I might go bust.

I know that it might be a pain,
When you’ve just come in from the rain,
But rain round here’s what you expect,
Not improving your intellect.

Some people say I’m rather rude,
And one or two say even crude,
But selling books is just my biz.,
And I will tell it like it is.

And rudeness on a scale of ten,
Depends on what is said and when,
And with my words and how they go,
I’d put myself medium to low.

So don’t come in unless to buy,
For now you know the reason why,
And if you only want to look,
Then you can go and sling your hook!

Image – Public domain pictures

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