It is reported that Tesco has banned people from shopping in their pyjamas but other supermarkets have different policies.

Our supermarkets know their food,
And some of them think it’s just rude,
If customers don’t dress up right,
And turn up in their clothes of night.

They don’t insist on morning dress,
Which would the checkout girls impress,
But what they want is normal clothes,
Preferably including those,
There on display within their shops,
Between the loo rolls, soap and mops.

So Tesco says, “You can’t come in,
For wearing PJs is a sin;
Our people will on you all frown,
If you are in your dressing gown.”

John Lewis, though, says “We don’t mind.
People can come in any kind,
Of ’jamas whether new or old,
Because we’ll not be undersold.”

Then on to Sainsbury’s where they say,
“We have no dress code here today;
Our customers show common sense,
As they spend all their pounds and pence.”

And then to Asda, “We don’t care,
What kind of clothes the people wear,
When they come in to buy their food,
As long as they’re not in the nude.”

And finally, from Yorkshire, West,
Comes Morrisons which says, “It’s best,
To let in folk of any class,
As long as they’ve brought lots of brass!”

Image – Pixabay

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