It is reported that the Government is planning legislation which would make the driver (or registered keeper?) of a car responsible for any litter thrown out of the windows.

Now littering can make a mess,
And cause us all extreme distress,
So if you’re caught you get a fine,
How much? about a case of wine.

But if it’s thrown out from a car,
It’s hard to tell quite who you are,
Because it’s difficult to see,
And so you might get off scot-free.

And so is planned a change in law,
So even if nobody saw,
Which person in the car was bad,
It is the driver who’ll be had.

He’ll get a letter in the post,
To open while he eats his toast,
Which tells him what he’ll have to pay,
For litter that was thrown away,
By him or others in the car,
No matter who the people are,
Or who it was that did the deed,
Who might be German, Pole or Swede.

He’ll have no choice, he’ll have to pay,
But for help on a future day,
A helpful leaflet will expound,
Where litter bins are to be found,
And where trash can be thrown away,
Including on the motorway.

This binfrastructure plan will mean,
That everywhere stays nice and clean,
And people’s habits will improve,
As round the country they all move.

And people will pay less in fines,
Will have much more to spend on wines,
But even if a gastronome,
You shouldn’t drink it ’til you’re home.

Image – Flickr

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