It is reported that people are eating out or buying takeaways twice as often as previously and are getting fat as a consequence.

Restaurants one time were just a treat,
Where one might sometimes go to eat,
But this was few and far between,
Exclusive of the works canteen.

But recently it now transpires,
That many people now aspire,
To eat out more than once a week,
Which means they may not be so sleek.

The problem might perhaps be that,
Such food is high in oil and fat,
And all this energy and grease,
Can make the diner quite obese.

But maybe worse and not so wise,
Are takeaways with chips and fries,
For these are mostly dripping fat,
And might give you a cardiac.

To make things worse, helpings are big,
And you can make yourself a pig,
So if you’re having pizza pie,
And are not wanting soon to die,
But rather want a waistline sleek,
Consider first the pi that’s Greek.

This letter we recall from school,
Will tell us as a general rule,
How much food there is on the plate,
Or roughly so at any rate.

So if you are in Pizza Hut,
Enjoy one of their pizzas but,
Remember if you want some more,
That it’s pi d squared over four.

Image – Wikipedia

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