It is reported that Amazon’s Echo voice activated thingy can be activated by television programmes and automatically order goods mentioned on screen.

If you’ve an Echo then beware,
It looks quite pretty sitting there,
But do be careful what you say,
For it is listening night and day.

And if it thinks someone like you,
Is issuing instructions too,
It will attempt, or so they say,
To carry them out right away.

But Echo isn’t very bright,
And doesn’t always get it right,
It can mistake what someone means,
And buy a thousand tins of beans.

When they arrive you scratch your head,
’Cos you prefer tinned peas instead,
But you’ve no choice you have to pay,
For they were ordered yesterday.

If that is bad it can get worse,
A challenge for the largest purse,
For Echo really cannot say,
If what it hears from day to day,
Is spoken live by you or me,
Or simply comes from the TV.

So when the adverts come on screen,
The Echo might think that they mean,
That everything shown should be bought,
Which means spending more than you ought.

So check your bank cards with great care,
To see what Echo’s spending where,
It’s better to be rich than skint,
So don’t let Echo spend a mint!

Image – Flickr

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