It is reported that supermarkets are to put warning signs and helpful hints in their food aisles to discourage overbuying and wasted food.

“Now welcome to our brand new store,
With fifty thousand feet of floor,
You’ll find that we sell mostly food,
Enough for quite the biggest brood.

But if your family is small,
You might not need that much at all,
And so we’ve things to help you choose,
No more than you will likely use.

So first is bread, we’ve large and small,
Then muffins which aren’t much at all,
So with this choice, now mark my words,
There won’t be much left for the birds.

Now on to dairy, I mean milk,
And other products of that ilk,
On our displays just feast your eyes,
With everything in every size.

This aisle is veg., all fresh and green,
The biggest range you’ve ever seen,
And in your fridge our sprouts and leeks,
Will always keep for several weeks.

You can weigh out just what you need,
Discouraging your children’s greed,
And though you could buy just one sprout,
The kids would likely spit it out.

We’re at the end now of our tour,
And you can see things three for four,
Which means for things like beer and wine,
It’s better just one at a time.

You might think this sounds like a trick,
For customers who can be thick,
But it is all above the board,
Designed to stop the ones that hoard.

So that is it, we have a hunch,
That you will now eat less for lunch,
And if you buy food every day,
You’ll find not much is thrown away.

But if you do, that’s if you sin,
You’ll need another rubbish bin,
We’ve several types that you may choose,
And they’re still in the three for twos!”

Image – Flickr

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