It is reported that Jeremy Corbyn has been making completely confusing statements about his party’s policy on immigration and executive pay.

“I want to make this very clear,
So listen well so that you hear,
And then perhaps you’ll understand,
Why immigrants should not be banned.

Or then again perhaps they should,
For lots of them might not be good;
Just take your pick but anyway,
Some of them should be turned away.

But turnaways should be quite few,
How many? I don’t have a clue,
And maybe between spring and fall,
No-one should be refused at all.

I’m glad my policy is clear,
For I will also say while here,
That the subject of bosses’ pay,
Is in my head as well today.

I’ve said before, it is too high,
And this is now the reason why,
It can be easily deduced,
That exec. pay should be reduced.

It will be fair, most will agree,
But some, including maybe me,
Might think it really isn’t fair,
And will decide to go elsewhere.

In my case that might not be bad,
’Cos most ideas that I’ve had,
Are pretty stupid, some would say,
And want me to go anyway.

So on this cue they’ll give a cheer,
And I will soon be out of here,
It’s better to be wise than thick,
So they can a new leader pick.”

Image – Pixabay

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