It is reported that a school in Kent has adopted a strict dress code requiring skirts to be no more than two inches above the knee and is sending pupils home if they don’t comply.

At many elementary schools,
You’ll find a dress code and some rules,
Which set out what the kids should wear,
When they attend and study there.

They cover shoes and ties and socks,
How long the pupils wear their locks,
The type and colour of their shirts,
And also the length of their skirts.

The shortest length, one school decrees,
Is two inches above the knees,
For if the hemline is too high,
It might display a bit of thigh.

While this is possibly all right,
Down at the disco late at night,
It’s not appropriate for school,
Hence the existence of this rule.

But some girls and their parents too –
Don’t know how many, quite a few –
Say since the girls are wearing tights,
This is against their human rights,
And if from school they’re sent away,
It will end up in court one day.

The school said, “Well now, damn and drat!
We hadn’t really thought of that.
But having taken wise advice,
Which has been checked not once but twice,
No matter what the court might say,
It will be after Brexit day.

So do not be such silly fools,
And think you can just break the rules,
For now back home you have to go,
’Til your hem’s closer to the toe.

Then when it is you may return,
Resume your work so you may learn,
But don’t forget here at this school,
It’s we, not you, that make the rule.”

Image – Flickr

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