It is reported that French Front National leader Marine le Pen has criticised the EU approach to Brexit saying that if it continues to demonstrate that it is trying to keep the Union together with threats, intimidation and bribery other nations will only be more likely to want to leave.

The Brexit talking never ends,
And generally we have few friends,
For most, it seems, will Britain hate,
When we start to negotiate.

But now a friend, Marine le Pen,
Of the Front National says when,
The UK leaves the EEC,
The terms should be both fair and free.

If they are not then folk will see,
How vindictive the EEC,
Can be when one state disagrees,
And then elects to take its leave.

And this will mean, le Pen goes on,
That other states may soon be gone,
And if indeed the dam does burst,
Then who can tell which might be first?

There’s Poland, Hungary and Spain,
Sweden and Finland then again,
If post election there’s a chance,
In her eyes it might well be France.

Image –Flickr

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