It is reported that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has met Donald Trump’s top team in New York as a first step in improving relations. It is also reported that Trump has now accepted that the Kremlin was behind the hacking of US political computers during the election campaign.

It’s been announced that Boris J,
Will visit the US today,
For meetings of high intellect,
With the new president elect,
Or, if not him, his gofers who,
Do what he always tells them to.

These meetings are considered wise,
To show that we do not despise,
Trump now that he has won his bid,
Although we used to say we did.

So Boris will now show we care,
With similarity of hair;
That’s not the colour, I should say,
Because that’s different anyway,
But rather it’s the cut and style,
That can the people so beguile.

But anyway, I do digress,
Let’s just agree their hair’s a mess,
And so our little tale resume,
As Boris steps into the room.

“Hello,” says Trump, “It’s good to meet,
And for you such a real treat.
But what you’ve done in weeks gone by,
Has not escaped my beady eye,
And has produced some headlines bad,
Which make me out to be a cad.”

“I know,” says Boris, “Sorry, Man,
I will refute the ones I can,
Then you and me and Mrs May,
Will get on better from today.”

“Theresa May, she is quite new,
I didn’t know she was one too,
But now she’ll have to take some flak,
For her part in this Russian hack.”

But Boris was now getting lost,
’Cos Trump had got his wires crossed,
And thought Boris and Mrs May,
Might have been in the Kremlin’s pay,
Somehow part of this Russian hack –
A fully-fledged cyberattack.

Then suddenly the penny dropped,
Reigning confusion all but stopped,
“But why,” he asked, “did you suspect,
That I with my high intellect,
Might be involved in such as this,
Which could have been our nemesis?”

Then Trump replied, “I didn’t know,
Who was responsible and so,
I didn’t know who I should blame,
Then you turned up with Russian name!”

Images – Wikimedia commons

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