It is reported that a new study has proposed that migrants should be given lessons in queueing.

The British lead the world in queues,
For anything we want to use,
Like catching buses, taking trains,
Or going inside when it rains.

The queueing helps to keep the peace,
No need, in general, for police,
And people rarely get uptight,
Unless they’ve had to queue all night.

But foreigners and migrants too,
Have no idea what to do,
And frequently they might offend,
By joining queues at the wrong end.

Politely someone may point out,
Their error with no need to shout,
But the chance this is understood,
Is normally not very good.

For those in error, who have erred,
Have come from, as you might have heard,
Countries from north, south, east and west,
Where speaking English is at best,
Confined to few words plus some guessed,
And no-one knows about the rest.

But migrants say, “We haven’t heard,
About these queues and it’s absurd,
That we’re expected to queue well,
When it’s so difficult to spell.

So give us lessons and we’ll learn,
For integration’s what we yearn,
But we’ll turn up in ones and twos,
To make sure that there are no queues!

Image – Wikipedia commons

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