It is reported that control of the Chinese salt market, which has been controlled by the Government for over two thousand years is to be relaxed.

China is moving with the times,
As I shall illustrate with rhymes,
And one thing where it’s been at fault,
Is regulating table salt.

More than two thousand years ago,
The Emperor, Mr So and So,
Declared, quite likely on a whim,
That all salt should be sold by him.

So his men bought up all supplies,
A strategy so very wise,
For though folk eat just grams each day,
And therefore don’t have much to pay,
They consequently do not bitch,
While they all make the Emperor rich.

But now the Government has said,
That since the Emperor is dead,
It will its grip on salt release,
And might disband the Salt Police.

At this news people can all cheer,
No longer need they live in fear,
Of fine or jail, maybe assault,
For buying some illicit salt.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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