It is reported that the Prime Minister has set out her government’s Brexit strategy.

In recent months you will have heard,
That really not much has been heard,
About the strategy that’s planned,
To take us out of Euroland.

Except, that is, rumour and spin,
From those for out and those for in,
Embellished in the common way,
By those who write most every day,
In papers, also on TV,
Preparing words that people see.

But now in quite a major speech,
Which corners of the world will reach,
The PM has disclosed her plan,
Which so says Boris Johnson ran,
To six thousand three hundred words,
And so was not on Twitter heard.

She set out twelve points she would like,
When finally we’re on our bike,
With immigration, trade and more,
Now clarified as not before.

I won’t right here now list them all,
But they for sure set out her stall,
And they’ll surely come up again,
Until you find them such a pain.

But overall she did point out,
That there is really little doubt,
That something which is bad for you,
Is not good for the others too.

And so she really won’t accept,
That we sit on the naughty step;
And if Europe this way behaves,
And treats us like a bunch of knaves,
Then this team under Mrs May,
Will simply take our ball away.

For both sides that would be so bad,
Would be an outcome really mad,
And all should try to this avoid,
Or voters will be so annoyed,
As they begin to lose their jobs,
And blame it on the Brussels mobs.

So we must hope for common sense,
That they consider pounds and pence,
And maybe all will not be lost,
If we all keep our fingers crossed!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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