It is reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned Donald Trump in a speech in Davis against starting a trade war.

We know that Trump is quite obsessed,
And always thinks he knows what’s best,
Despite what anyone might say,
From Xi Jinping to Mrs May.

On trade he says that the Chinese,
Have brought the US to its knees,
By cheating, stealing, being bad,
And things like this just make him mad.

The Chinese psyche could not cope,
With what most had thought just a joke,
And so it took them quite some time,
As you are learning here in rhyme,
To see how best they should reply,
To this most oddball sort of guy.

But now the Chinese President,
Has said that Trump’s stated intent,
To start a trade war when sworn in,
Would really be a dreadful sin.

He didn’t say much more that day,
Which is, you know, the Chinese way,
But still his words were pretty clear,
And not what Trump might want to hear.

How this will play out none can tell,
Is Trump good or the man from hell?
We haven’t now got long to wait,
For his inauguration date.

Image – Flickr

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