It is reported that Donald Trump has been sworn in as president of the United States.

I’ve used this title once before,
So you will now know what’s in store,
But on Inauguration Day,
There’s not much else that one can say.

He went to church at break of day,
We don’t know if he chose to pay,
When the collecting plate came round –
He may have dropped in just a pound.

The next bit he arrived by car,
Although the distance wasn’t far,
And after he had had a gin,
He got his script and dived right in.

His policies were not much changed,
Some people still think he’s deranged,
For making changes on that scale,
Is probably beyond the pale,
And also, thinking folk believe,
Quite impossible to achieve.

For people who don’t have a clue,
His policy in words quite few:
Americans should all feel chuffed,
All other folk can just get stuffed.

How this will end we do not know,
It could be good or bad and so,
With all his posturing and threats,
Be careful where you place your bets!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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