It is reported that the BBC thinks that the Russians have leaked a recent episode of Sherlock in retaliation for increased broadcasting of the BBC World Service Russian language service.

You’ve doubtless heard of Sherlock Holmes,
Who’s weekly streamed into our homes,
To give us somewhat of a fright,
On pretty much each Sat’day night.

And when we watch we are impressed,
As Sherlock Holmes who is the best,
Solves mysteries, crimes and puzzles too,
Which he explains to me and you.

But enjoyment would be reduced,
If we knew before he’d deduced,
Who perpetrated this week’s crime,
No matter ’twas in prose or rhyme.

And so the owners, BBC,
Try to keep it all secretly,
As they distribute what they’ve made,
To other countries that have paid.

This generally does work quite well,
With programmes broadcast as I tell,
But now an episode’s been leaked,
By someone in a fit of pique.

You may not be surprised to know,
That behind all this is Moscow;
They specialise in leaks and hacks,
But rarely cover up their tracks.

And in this case they’re in a tizz,
’Cos BBC World Service is,
Increasing Russian output and,
It’s more than Vladimir can stand.

For this is outside his control,
And though the content may be droll,
He doesn’t like it in his land,
And really wants the whole thing banned.

And that in essence, friend, is it,
I’m rambling on now quite a bit,
I’ve finished what I’ve got to say,
The rest will wait another day.

Image – Wikipedia

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