It is reported that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said that it is essential that Brexit is concluded so as to minimise any economic shock to the UK or EU economies.

We’ve heard the endless rhetoric,
About this thing we call Brexit,
With lots of people, some from France,
Stuck in a seeming endless trance,
Using strong words and making threats,
Concerning what might happen yet.

Now Mrs May’s set out her stall,
Explaining now for one and all,
She will aim to negotiate,
The best deal for the British state.

And one important point she made,
Though disliked by some I’m afraid,
Is that what’s good for the UK,
Is also good for states that stay.

So Germans now, pragmatists all,
Responding to this wake up call,
In person of Schaeuble no less,
Have said we must avoid a mess.

“The Brexit must not cause a shock,
And not the EU trade boat rock,
For trading volumes are so great,
Across the busy Dover Strait.

And so our government will try,
To UK membership untie,
As fair and smoothly as can be,
In hope that trading can be free.

And if some members, maybe France,
Think Brexit represents a chance,
To penalise our British friends,
Specifically for their own ends,
They’ll find that it will cost them dear,
’Cos I control the money here!”

Image – Wikimedia commons

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