It is reported that Donald Trump has promised to restore closed-down industries to the USA.

The Donald Trump that we all know,
Has promised that he’ll strike a blow,
For US workers, some at least,
Whose jobs have gone to the Far East.

Some of the firms back then went bust,
And factories were just left to rust,
So Trump has promised with no wait,
These factories he will reinstate.

So gone will be the mould and rust,
Then everyone can earn a crust,
And industries of old they lack,
Will very soon be coming back.

The charcoal burners will be first,
For their fate’s really been the worst;
It’s centuries since they last worked,
Or in some cases, maybe shirked.

And then the coopers, wheelwrights too,
If they remember what to do,
Plus sailmakers who I’m afraid,
Have little for the navy made,
For probably two hundred years,
Since companies were trading furs.

But one thing that he has not said,
Is if things won’t be in the red,
The workers’ wages if you please,
Must be the same as the Chinese.

The prospect, then, does not look swell,
And probably won’t go down well,
There might be more than grunts and bleats,
Like rioting down in the streets.

Image – Wikimedia commons

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