It is reported that the Food Standards Agency has recommended against cooking potatoes and other starchy foods above 125 deg C owing to the risk of cancer from high levels of acrylamide.

The British roast is under fire,
Because the temperature is higher,
So the potatoes will all crunch,
When they are cooked for Sunday lunch.

It’s said the problem seems to be,
That almost universally,
Starch in potatoes on the side,
Can convert to acrylamide.

And as you will have guessed by now,
This compound, though we don’t know how,
Is bad for health or so some say,
Perhaps if eaten every day.

It’s not confined to Sunday roast,
You get it, too, in well-done toast,
And also in potato crisps,
Not mentioning our fish and chips.

If fact most tasty foods you’ve tried,
That have been deep or shallow fried,
And any others cooked in oil,
Are unsafe so you should just boil.

While boiling beef might not be bad,
If there are carrots to be had,
To boil your bread if fresh or stale,
Is pretty much beyond the pale.

So lovers of the Sunday roast,
Those who have been brought up on toast,
And those who want to fry in lard,
Must from now on be on their guard.

For otherwise things will be banned,
Apart from food that’s boiled or canned,
For they will say food fried in grease,
Will make for premature decease!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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