It is reported that the Supreme Court has ruled that triggering Article 50 to begin the UK’s exit from the EU requires an Act of Parliament but that the devolved governments in Scotland and elsewhere do not have to be consulted.

The justices have had their way,
To the chagrin of Mrs May,
And so MPs must give consent,
So she can proceed with her intent.

The silver lining in this cloud,
Is that Miss Sturgeon’s not allowed,
To stop or frustrate the process,
Which has left her in great distress.

She poked her nose in, you’ll recall,
When this case was heard in the fall;
The judges have now played their ace,
And put her firmly in her place.

I expect she’ll still moan and bitch,
Determined still to queer the pitch,
But legally she’s got no chance,
Of changing Mrs May’s own stance.

So she should take this as a hint,
And keep her mouth shut for a stint,
She moans whene’r she fails to win,
But our patience is wearing thin.

Image – Flickr

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