It is reported that Theresa May has been the first foreign leader to visit Donald Trump since his inauguration.

Three cheers at last for Mrs May,
She’s just been to the USA,
To meet the President himself,
While Merkel’s been left on the shelf.

She went to see what he would say,
About the issues of the day,
And if she could make any sense,
Of what he said in any tense.

On NATO what he said was good –
He would support it as he should –
But other matters made her wince,
When she’d tried to the man convince,
That on some points, no ifs no buts,
He really was completely nuts.

You could see she was on her guard,
Because he’s finding it quite hard,
According to what I have read,
To put behind him things he’s said.

So she’d devised a little trick
Which could be deployed pretty quick,
Then when the two walked side by side,
Watched by an audience worldwide,
She quickly grabbed the old man’s hand,
So she would know where it was and,
More to the point in a nutshell,
The rest of us would know as well.

So that was it, her duty done,
It hadn’t really been much fun,
But she had now met Donald live,
And more than that she did survive!

Image – The Telegraph

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