It is reported that Donald Trump has again told the Mexicans that they must pay for the proposed border wall and a planned meeting between him and the Mexican President has been acrimoniously cancelled as a result.

The wall, the wall, not short but tall,
That’s if it’s ever built at all,
And this week we have had a spat,
’Cos Trump told the Mexicans that,
For sure it would be built one day,
And Mexico would have to pay.

Mexico said, “No chance of that!
This is, you know, land of the hat.
And if you proceed with your plan,
Then workers, mostly Mexican,
That pour the concrete, fell the trees,
Dig all day long with JCBs,
And do the other jobs there too,
Will all have to be paid by you.

If you don’t pay they will not work,
And you will then look such a berk,
For all the bits of wall won’t meet,
And it will then be incomplete.”

But Trump replied, “I’ve thought of that,
It’s no good if the wall is flat.
If unpaid workers might be lax,
We’ll have an avocado tax.

Then every fruit that you produce,
Both dry ones and those full of juice,
Will be subject to extra tax,
In per cents? About twenty, max.”

The Mexicans said, “If that’s it,
The price will go up quite a bit,
And will be paid for when they’re bought,
So you’re more stupid than we thought.

For avocados are quite dear,
Are bought by wealthy folk round here,
And those people are – can you guess?
Not Mexicans but most US.”

Trump said, “Well now then, let me see,
This might upset folk taking tea,
And if all this I must explain,
They might not vote for me again.

So we should have a little ruse,
It’s meaningless but will confuse,
My voters who are pretty thick,
And so will all fall for this trick.

The trick is you pay for the wall,
Build it no more than three feet tall,
Then when it’s up you all can climb,
Across to our side anytime.

Our factories then will all still run,
Our farms grow crops beneath the sun,
Things will continue as before,
And everybody knows the score.

So that’s much like the status quo,
But I have got a wall to show,
And it has been put up for free,
Exactly as promised by me.

Don’t worry if folk are confused,
And some will likely be bemused,
The whole thing’s nonsense, not thought through,
But in my case that’s hardly new!”

Image – Wikipedia

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