Crazy hill of San Francisco

It is reported that Donald Trump may be suffering from bathmophobia, a fear of slopes and this may be the reason that he took Theresa May’s hand during her recent visit to the White House.

We’re used to Donald talking tough,
And signing orders that are rough,
But though we know he’s got great wealth,
Is Donald really tough himself?

We know he wasn’t tough before,
Was not in the Vietnam war,
But p’rhaps with toughness now imbued,
He’s justified in being rude.

But wait! A rumour’s spreading fast,
Discussed on most every newscast;
It seems that he is not a dope,
But terrified when on a slope.

Now bathmophobia it is called,
And some supporters are appalled,
That this one US Colonel Blimp,
Is turning out to be a wimp.

So is the rumour in fact true?
I don’t know and neither do you.
But maybe Trump will spill the beans,
Now that he knows what this word means.

And when he does so maybe he,
Will sign up for some therapy,
So guests will not misunderstand,
When Donald tries to take their hand!

Image – Flickr

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