It is reported that Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning Moslems from the United States and this has caused chaos at airports.

No cheers for Donald Trump today,
For after lunch with Mrs May,
Out came the presidential pen,
And started scribbling yet again.

This time it was to Moslems ban,
Of them, recall, he’s not a fan,
So if from certain lands you come,
The situation’s pretty glum,
For even if you’re on your way,
You might not be allowed to stay.

The other helpful thing he did,
Was sign it Friday, pm, mid,
And though he’s not a leptosome,
Officials were on their way home.

So staff then had to scrabble round,
For the big rule book which they found,
And work out what the whole thing meant,
And just what was the man’s intent.

By now officials were aghast,
With planes now landing thick and fast,
As thousands of these folk, now banned,
We’re still arriving in the land.

He made a statement once not twice,
To say it was all going nice;
Some people thought they had misheard,
To think that really was absurd,
As airports all across the land,
We’re filling up with people banned.

What happens next we’ll have to see,
This is still ‘the land of the free’,
But surely Trump will see one day,
That you can’t run it in this way.

But maybe I am being kind,
’Cos I don’t know what’s in his mind,
And if he tries this way to rule,
Without a doubt the man’s a fool.

Image – Flickr

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