It is reported that French presidential candidate François Fillon is in trouble after his wife was paid about half a million euros as his assistant despite allegedly doing no work.

François Fillon – you’ve heard of he?
Well anyway he’d like to be,
President de la République,
But sadly there has been a leak.

So in the ointment there’s a fly,
That might well blow his chance sky-high:
It’s leaked his Welsh wife has been paid,
For doing nothing I’m afraid.

He said she was his assistante,
So doing things très importante,
But what she did was pretty small,
In fact it was not much at all.

But now all this has come to light,
And people say it is not right,
That she a fortune has been paid,
While managing to work evade.

And now disclosed, to make things worse,
And just as bad in prose as verse,
The hole’s got deeper I’m afraid,
For it’s alleged his son was paid,
For legal advice on the side,
Although he was not qualified.

People think this is bad if true,
But MPs take a different view,
And they don’t want to make a fuss,
Because, they think, this might be us!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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