It is reported that Donald Trump has been invited to make a state visit to Britain within a week of his inauguration whereas previous presidents have had to wait at least two or three years.

State visits which involve The Queen,
Are rather few and far between,
There’s lots of pomp, men on parade,
Foreign relations for to aid.

Some US presidents – just some –
Have been invited so to come,
And when they’e here as The Queen’s guest,
They’re always mightily impressed.

They pose for photos so that they,
Can show off where they’ve been each day,
And back home people think it’s great,
That their President – Head of State –
Is over here, guest of The Queen,
The only one they’ve ever seen.

Americans, though, can be flash,
And worse than that they’re rather brash,
But since they’re here for work not hol.,
They understand the protocol.

And most of them have had to wait,
A year or two to get a date,
But waiting long to meet Queen Liz,
Shows just how special all this is.

So it’s been a surprise tonight,
To learn that Trump’s got an invite,
Within a week in his new job,
Especially with his big gob.

It just seems so unlikely that,
Theresa May off her own bat,
Would give an invite quite so quick,
To someone who you can’t predict.

More likely she would bide her time,
Consider all in prose or rhyme,
And when a few more years had passed,
Send his invite to him at last.

So what has changed the PM’s mind,
So soon after she had just dined,
With Donald Trump who is so brash,
And like a diplomatic crash?

Well, we all know from things before,
To Trump it’s status matters more,
Than other things within his life,
Except, maybe, his second wife.

And he would want a visit which,
As well as done without a hitch,
Allowed him there to take the floor,
And eclipse those that went before.

So over lunch with that intent,
This might be how the discourse went:

“Theresa, now, I like gold things,
From cars to curtains, also rings,
But one thing that I’d like to wear,
On top of my fine head of hair,
A golden crown which would look fine,
But I don’t have one at this time.

So I should like to meet The Queen,
She has a lot of them I’ve seen,
And she could lend me one I’m sure –
No-one would notice one crown fewer.

And while I’m there I’ll play a round,
She likes to watch it I’ll be bound,
And that guy who looks ninety-three,
Can come too and my caddy be.

But don’t invite that geezer Chas.,
’Cos he is bound to think he has,
To lecture me on gas and oil,
Which he thinks will the country spoil.

And finally, you know my car?
Just two of them I think there are;
They are both black but not so old,
And I will have them painted gold.

They’ll outshine HM’s coach by far,
And almost every other car
Within the world and – you have guessed –
Quite simply they will be the best.

They will match my gold suit and shoes,
Will get the headlines on the news,
And everyone will think it great,
And perfect for a Head of State.

So now, Theresa, let me see,
What there will be for lunch and tea,
Then off you go, get my invite,
And then announce it by tonight.”

Image – Pixabay

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