It is reported that a yellow car in Bibury, Gloucestershire has been damaged because it was deemed to be spoiling the view of the village.

If you should live in Bibury, Glos.,
And you think no-one gives a toss,
About the colour of your car,
Then you are off the mark by far.

For one resident’s yellow car,
Has a smashed window and a scar,
’Cos someone with camera in hand,
Found it was more than he could stand.

It spoiled the panoramic view,
Which might, in fact, ring rather true,
But damaging the car does seem,
To most of us a bit extreme.

The resident who is not mean,
Says he will get one in lime-green,
But while lime-green might be OK,
For several months beginning May,
In autumn when the leaves come down,
He would be better off with brown.

Then if the cost is not too great,
To blend with snow on which folk skate,
And make sure that his car’s all right,
He ought to go for gleaming white.

That’s almost it, just leaves the spring,
With colour changes in full swing,
It’s hard to match them day and night,
So best to keep it out of sight!

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