It is reported that Donald Trump may not be invited to address both Houses of Parliament during his planned state visit.

“Now President, I have to say,
When you make your address today,
To Parliament, Commons and Lords,
Please do adjust your vocal chords.

We’ve booked a venue which will seat,
The people whom you’re soon to meet,
But, sadly, numbers may be few,
’Cos many of them don’t like you.

Westminster Hall will be too big,
The Gallery’s booked by the Stig,
But we’ve a little place close by,
Which, if it rains, will keep you dry.

It is about a metre square,
So high it will not spoil your hair,
And everyone who has applied,
Will fit quite easily inside.

It’s painted red, has its own phone,
And even if you’re on your own,
You can still claim, without deceit,
There wasn’t any empty seat!”

Image – Pexels

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