It is reported that the Government wants chocolate makers to reduce the sugar content of its products in order to reduce obesity.

I’ve written about this before,
So pretty much you know the score,
But it’s now crucial chocolate fans,
Know of new choc-related plans.

We’ve seen the orange hollowed out,
The Tobler peaks shrunk without doubt,
And maybe other things I’ve missed,
On products we cannot resist.

The latest issue we now learn,
Is chocolate bars for which we yearn,
Have sugar in, it makes them sweet,
And therefore very nice to eat.

The Government, though, says it’s bad,
And all this sugar folk have had,
Has made the people so obese,
That they’ll have premature decease.

So chocolate makers have been told,
That so more people can grow old,
There must be less sugar by far,
In each and every chocolate bar.

The makers say, “It can’t be done,
Sugarless chocolate’s not much fun.
It doesn’t taste right, it’s not nice,
And people will not buy it twice.

But instead we can make them small,
So there’s less sugar all in all,
And if we can just stick to that,
People will not be quite so fat.”

The synics say, “We don’t suppose,
You will reduce the price of those,
Which have then been reduced in size,
And so you would economise.”

The makers say, “We’ll sell to you,
Whatever we’re permitted to;
But if the price comes down too far,
Instead of buying just one bar,
You might be tempted, we’d argue,
Sometimes to buy not one but two.

The plan would then in tatters be,
It would have failed as all would see,
And government would look like fools,
For tinkering with chocolate rules.”

Image – Pixabay

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