It is reported that The Speaker of the House of Commons in a ‘near hysterical rant’ has stated that he objects to the new President of the United States being granted the privilege of addressing both Houses of Parliament during his planned state visit later in 2017.

The Speaker’s spoken, made his point,
And put some noses out of joint,
By saying it’s not his intent,
That Trump should address Parliament.

This had been mooted then proposed,
By Government including those,
Who see that although Trump’s a fool,
He does a great big country rule.

Or so he thinks but now he’s found,
That Twitter sound bites in the round,
Are not sufficient day to day,
To get all things done in his way.

The checks and balances are there,
And though Trump says he doesn’t care,
He’s finding others must consent,
So far to his bewilderment.

But anyway, back over here,
Some MPs now begin to fear,
That Mr Speaker, lacking grace,
His ancient office might disgrace.

For what he says is meant to be,
The voice of members, not of he,
And on this point should he misrule,
He’ll also be cast as a fool!

Image – Wikimedia commons

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