It is reported that stores have stopped selling clothes from Ivanka Trump’s fashion label as sales have fallen owing to the unpopularity of her father.

Ivanka Trump – you’ve heard of she –
Well, she has in her ear a flea;
She has a fashion label and,
In certain stores it’s just been banned.

So father Don, in charge today,
Propels himself into the fray,
And on Twitter, so too on air,
Complains that all this isn’t fair.

His daughter, he says, shouldn’t be,
Discriminated ’cos of he;
She’s very clever, full of hope,
And not a target for a grope.

Shops say her stuff just doesn’t sell,
They try their best but it’s just hell;
Their displays they’ve tried to adjust,
But still they fear they might go bust.

The reason folk won’t buy her stuff,
Is not that it’s not good enough,
But there seems to be a campaign,
To boycott Trump’s all-hallowed name.

And they see no end to their plight,
Though they might toil both day and night,
For all that might just make amends,
Is if he tries to make some friends.

That might just be an order tall,
’Cos right now he has none at all,
And while the people incandesce,
They will not want Ivanka’s dress.

Image – Flickr

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